Skin Science

Pioneering in Vitro Skin Science

Novel research grade skin models and testing services helping to enhance innovative skincare research and development

Living Skin Equivalent
Our highly advanced 3D living skin equivalent model is unique in providing opportunities for research and development with microflora.

Research & Development
Specialists in microbiology
Innovenn – Specialists in microbiology and in vitro skin science, we offer a wide range of research and consultancy services.

Support for your product testing
Our wide range of published work, relevant to R&D activities in the cosmetic, personal care, medical device and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our Team
Multi-Disciplinary Scientists
Innovative research starts with innovative people. Our team come from a variety of scientific backgrounds. Get in touch to know more.
Recent News

Innovenn are recruiting!

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New Paper Released

Innovenn are pleased to announce that a new paper in the Journal of Proteomics has been released. Written by our... Read More →
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